Electric car conversions. Have us convert your classic Mazda MX5 to run on Electricty.



Are you worried you won't be able to drive your classic MX5 in another few years? Are you concerned about rising fuel costs and maybe even not being able to get hold of petrol?
Are you interested in being in at the beggining of a revolution in electric vehicles, but you're not sure if you will ever be able to afford it, or even what car to buy?
If you own a classic car, especcially a Mazda MX5 then we may just have a great solution for and we think you're going to love it.
If you've given some thought to owning an electric car, but you would rather hang on to your old MX5, then get in touch with us today.
We are currently putting together a mailing list of people who want to have their classic cars converted and we are here to help you acheive that goal.
We will be anouncing our new venture startup very soon, so watch this space, or follow us on Facebook for up to date information.